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A wave of love for Digitalwave - signal boost

Originally posted by jj1564


I know you lovely guys and girls are a generous lot and I hope you will be able to help our lovely friend Digitalwave raise some funds towards her husband's latest medical bills via GoFundMe. The last bill was for $1600.00, so any help you can give will be very much appreciated by her and her family. I've set a goal of £750.00, which is around $1200.00. If you live in the UK you know how lucky we are that our health service is 'free' and it is awful to think that in other countries huge bills mount up which just add to the stress and worry.

Digitalwave has not asked me to do this; I offered because she is a lovely person who does a lot to help others and makes all our lives brighter. She tries hard to raise extra cash by selling her collectibles on e-bay but it's not enough right now. As I said to her recently, it seems life is determined to hand her a sweetie from one hand and a slap from the other, as whenever they start to get straight something awful happens and another huge bill arises. Anything you could spare to help her and her family cope with this horrendous medical bill would be greatly appreciated.  And if you could share this post with your flisties it would be just wonderful!

Here's the link to the GoFundMe page ...


And the link to her e-bay page...


Thank you so much xx
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