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Wings Little Lift

I lifted this from milly_gal so I could spread the word.

Wings is a lovely lady who needs a little help.

wings128 is a very dear friend of mine, one of my best, and she has managed so far this year to remain upbeat and beautiful inside and out despite the fact that she's had several huge set backs in her home life.

For the second time in twelve months, she is being forced to move due to the fact that the home she rents for herself and her two gorgeous kids, M&B, is being reallocated. the first time it was sold, this time the landlady is selling her current home and needing to move into the one she and the children share.

Every single time she's managed to pull her head above water this year, someone has come along and tried to drown her.

I think she deserves our support, for which she never asks, because that just isn't her way. She's always there for others, but this time she needs our help.

It being the start of their holiday season, the prices and availability in New Zealand are extremely scarce on the ground.

She's found a wonderful new place for herself and the kids, the only problem is she needs a deposit of 1500 NZ Dollars, which equates to roughly £736, and in quite a short time frame. She needs the money by the 31st of October if she stands any chance of actually snagging this place.

Unfortunately gofundme doesn't have the capacity for a bank account from New Zealand to be attached to a campaign, so I am doing this on her behalf, because basically she and the children *deserve* this place. It is SO them and I want nothing more than for her to be able to finally settle somewhere that they all deserve.

Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I know for a fact that Wings is not one to ask and will be wanting to hide under a duvet about now, but we need to help her get this place, please.

Wings is one of our own and she's in a tight spot; if you can spare anything to help, here's where you donate:


Thanks for listening!
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