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Three Positive Things Meme

Day 3

It occurred to me that I should be nominating people to do this meme (I'm a bit slow like that), but I realised I've completely lost track of which of my F-list have done this and which haven't, so I'm just going to say, knock yourselves out!  Anyone who wants to have a go, do it - the purpose of the meme is to spread positivity, and the world always needs just a little bit more of that!

So here goes with my positive thingies for day 3

1.  I was a little bit down for a few hours after my friends left yesterday, but I came to realise how lucky I am to have such strong bonds and friendships that can survive time and distance.
2.  My new fish seem to have made their mind up that I'm not a psychotic axe murderer and a couple of them actually put in an appearance yesterday!
3.  These two gorgeously beautiful buggers. Damn them for going around being adorable and awesome and making the world a better place for simply being in it!  October 7th is less than a month away ...

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