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Three Positive Things Meme

I've been a little absent from Lj for the last couple of days as I've been otherwise engaged, but all for good things!

I was nominated by jj1564 to take part in the Three Positive Things Meme, and I'm glad to do so, as we all need to maintain some positiveity in our lives :)

So I'm going to start day 1 by referring to yesterday as it's only 8 am in the morning!

1.  Today was the first of three days holiday from work and when is that ever not a positive thing?

2.  I have two dear friends staying with me.  They're over from Napier, New Zealand and the last time we saw them was when we were over there, visiting them in 2006.  It's a mark of true friendship that you can be apart for 8 years then walk up to each other, hug, and within five minutes you've just picked up where you left off - like you've never been away from each other.

3.  It was a lovely day, so we were all able to sit out in the garden chatting and laughing over a few beers/glasses of wine, with the barbecue sizzling beside us, and Mr D's new, recently rebuilt water-feature babbling in the background.

Jensen approves!
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