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Musings on the Mockumentary

Well, I've watched it about four thousand times (but who's counting) and now that I've finally stopped laughing, I can finally put some coherent thoughts together.

It's pure genius!!

So much to love in this little pearl of entertainment:

Poor downtrodden Misha *pats*


'Fragile' new-age wimpy Jensen :D
Is it just me, or does anyone else find this picture oddly attractive


And so much love for uber-diva, follicly-challenged Jared
(Heehee, I love this gif, even though he's acting like a complete dick, you can't help but see our real, sweet Jared here)


So yes, Dizzo approves wholeheartedly, and I can't help feeling so grateful that I'm part of a fandom where these three beautiful men are comfortable and humble enough to poke fun at themselves just for our entertainment!

And I haven't even got to the season 9 gag reel yet!

One final word ...



gifs by suckmywinchester on tumblr
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