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I've finally done it ...

I've finally gone and done it ...

For reasons that I probably don't need to explain in great detail, I have finally joined Twitter!!

I'm @JaneDizzo there and I'd love to link up with you guys and follow you. I'm going to use my Twitter account purely for Supernatural stuff - feel free to follow me, I can't promise that I'll be very interesting at first, I still don't really 'get' Twitter, so don't really know what and how to tweet yet!!! (I'm always a bit thick at internet stuff at first, so bear with me).

By the way, while I've been off and away living for a few days in the land that broadband forgot, I've heard rumours that season 11 has been confirmed.  It that true?  Is it?????

If so it's time to break out the happy finger ...



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