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Wet Dean ... SPOILERISH 6.4 'Weekend at Bobby's'

Well it's a Friday ... and that means it's Supernatural night, and that in turn got me thinking about this season's episodes; particularly episode 4, Weekend at Bobby's.

I was so pathetically excited when the boys turned up on my side of the Pond, in Scotland, I fell to thinking that they must have done a bit of sightseeing if they came all that way. 

Now; If you are interested in the supernatural and mysterious and you are sightseeing in Scotland, there's really only one place you have to go.

Therefore, I give you ...

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Word count: approx 300

Written for the EO Fanfic Drabble Challenge.  Challenge Word: 'Guise'



Dean squelched miserably into the room; his face a dripping mask of undisguised teeth-chattering fury . "Y-your f-friggin' fault," he snapped shakily as he shoved past Sam in the doorway, throwing his soaked jacket across the room and making damn sure it landed on Sam's bed.

Sam sighed, hands raised in exasperation; "how the hell is this my fault?"

"Y-your stupid idea to visit Loch Ness." Dean snorted, sneezing violently as a droplet of water dripped off the end of his nose.

Sam gaped at the sodden figure in front of him, "yeah dude, but I didn't say anything about fallin' in it."


Dean hugged himself, shivering as dark, peat-laden water pooled at his feet. "You're the one that w-wanted us to disguise ourselves as tourists and go traipsing round some godforsaken desolate pond in the mi-middle of friggin' nowhere lookin' for some stupid monster."

He sneezed again and shook his drenched head, deliberately spraying Sam with a cocktail of ice-cold brackish water and unidentifiable green slime.

"Dude …" Sam began cautiously.

"Shuddup;" Dean spluttered as his cold fingers picked irritably at the tendrils of duckweed that clung to his wet face, "jus' d-don't say a friggin' w-word!"


"I could g-get pneumonia;" Dean huffed melodramatically flinging the duckweed to the floor with a wet splat, and kicking his saturated boots off .

Sam shrugged, "look man; I'm sorry okay?"

Dean grunted ingraciously, the shivers racking his soaked body disguising a petulant shrug.

Sam sighed; "Dean, when you went under …" he dropped his eyes and Dean realised this had been hard on Sam too.

His face softened, "Sammy ..."

Sam smiled; "… it's just that, um, when you went under …" he paused again, taking a deep breath; "… did you see it?"

He ducked as Dean's boot flew past his head.




Tags: brothers, cold, dean winchester, humiliating, humour, loch ness monster, sam winchester, sulky!dean, supernatural, wet!dean

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