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The Isle of Wight may never be the same again ...

Many of you may know, I headed over to the sunny Isle of Wight for the weekend, to visit family and to exhibit (and sell) some of my artwork.  I decided to take those boys with me ...

... and they conducted themselves admirably abominably.  I'm just glad the Isle of Wight isn't a sovereign nation, so I didn't have to get deported.

It didn't start well.

photo 2 (1)

Dean seemed to be quite taken with the place at first.


How I managed not to scare my customers away, I'll never know.


Then they went wandering and happened across, well - see for yourself.


Dean wandered to the burger van.


Then they happened across one of the Isle of Wight's most famous faces - the Yarmouth Gribble.


And weren't impressed.

they dealt with it accordingly.


My 'public nuisance' case comes up in court next week ...

Tags: castiel, dapplegrey art, dean winchester, little plastic people, sam winchester, silliness

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