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Fic Prompt Challenge at Spn_on_Parade, the home of Little Plastic People

Originally Posted by milly_gal at spn_on_parade in Fic Prompt Challenge!

As is the boys want, they have decided to come out of hiding and play a little game with our loyal readers ;) This here is the first ever Fic Prompt Challenge.

One of the Mods will take a photo and ask y'all to come up with a little fic based on said photo :)

Rules are as follows:
100 word minimum, 1000 word maximum, and you have one week from start to finish to produce and post said fic. (Which means this week's challenge is due by no later than Thursday 7th of August) We've decided not to curtail your creative flow, so if you wish to build a fic based on the adventures of Mini Sam & Dean; the plastic people ;) then carry on, or alternatively you can create a fic based on Canon Sam and Dean with the picture in mind :) It is entirely up to you.

Whatever rating and genre you feel is perfect for the fic is entirely your call as well, so we can go for Gen, Slash, Het, Crack....Just make sure you've found a chair when the music stops, lol.

The main thing here is to have fun and enjoy yourselves. My fellow mods and I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with :D

Please make sure to add a post with the link to your fiction here :) Feel free to post at your own lj's as long as you add a post with the link in over here at spn_on_parade also, pimp away my friends, pimp away :D

So, without further ado...

Tags: dean winchester, fanfic challenge, little plastic people, sam winchester, silliness

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