Dizzojay's Dean Dreams (dizzojay) wrote,
Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

I've found my muse!!!!

Well, I had an interesting experience this morning!

A couple of reviews flashed up on my Fanfiction.net account, and so I merrily opened them, and I thought it would be fun to share with you the constructive insight that my reviewer had to share with me:

The first review read thus:

Well I don't like how you treat dean and he's awesome

Okay, whatever!

Then she (I'm guessing - apologies to 50% of the human race if I'm wrong) clearly felt she needed to expand her point - and I use the word 'point' in its broadest possible sense:

This story is not that great and dizzo your an annyoing bitch and dean is the best! And also dean is the best and I really don't care for your lame fics either! So bye trolls

So, let's just be clear here: Dean is the best? Are you sure? Just asking because you only mention it twice ...
Now, just as I was considering how she could possibly know I was an annoying bitch (see, I told you, insightful this one), a PM flashes up.  Eagerly, I opened it to find that not only was she treating me to her wonderfully diverting views on my fics but she decided to advise me that she didn't approve of a favourable review I left for another writer's fic which was a hilarious little one-shot about how 'those' dodgy cowboy pictures may have come into being ...

Shut up bitch! Your dumb and those pics were not disturbing at all they were hot and sexy! Jensen always looked hot and sexy! And your dumb for liking this dumb fic! Its crap! And dizzo your a dumb bitch bye!

Clearly My devastatingly witty new bestie is a stranger to irony as well as punctuation.  But it didn't end there:

your a crappy writer and your a dumb bitch bye!! and jensens cowboy pics were sexy and your a retared bitch

I was still leafing through my thesaurus to try to figure out what 'retared' meant, when lo and behold another message flashed up:

bye bitch! eat shit and die! your dumb bye Bye retared bitch!

Eat shit?  Really? Has she never tasted my cooking?  I do that all the time!

It was at that point that I decided that, despite the fact I was kind of enjoying the rapier wit that was being thrust in my direction, enough was enough.  She had, of course, disabled PM's but I know that with trolls as it is with petulant toddlers, it's best not to encourage them.  So a quick abuse report and a blocking later, I'm guessing I will be hearing no more from my articulate friend.

So there it is; after four years in the fandom, I've finally been trolled!
I feel like I belong :)

Tags: fandom, silliness, weirdy mcweirderton

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