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feeling charitable ...

It occurs to me that I spend a lot of time being nasty to my adorable boy, beating and battering the poor soul, making him all sick and soppy and droopy.  Bad me, bad me!

So in an attempt to redeem myself (some hope) here are a couple of happy Dean fics.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my own deranged mind.

Rating: K
Genre: Family
Word count: approx 100 words 


Dean rested his head against the back of his baby's seat and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply of her potent, comforting scent;

The rich essence of old, well maintained leather;

The lingering trace of a recently drained flask of coffee;

A subtle hint of gun oil and lighter fluid;

The faint musk of his sleeping brother's warm body mingled with the sweetly citrus tang of cheap aftershave;

With a smile, Dean wrapped the familiar, intoxicating perfume around him like a blanket.

Yes, a night spent in the Impala wasn't perfect, but it sure as heck came close …




Rating: K
Genre: Humour/Family
Word count: approx 100 words



After a string of brutal hunts, the brothers relished the opportunity to sit beside the Impala and enjoy a cold beer.

Dean watched a butterfly alight on his knee.

"Hey, a butterfly" he smiled at it, "cute little dude - he's wavin' at me!" he grinned around the neck of the bottle, "look his little antennae's waving …"

He studied the insect, then turned to Sam, face a picture of serious concentration.

"Why's it called a butterfly?" he asked earnestly, "why not a cheesefly, say, or a jamfly?"

Sam stared at him.

"Dean, let me see that bump on your head again …"



Tags: brothers, concussion, dean winchester, groggy!dean, impala, sam winchester, supernatural

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