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100 Days of Happiness - Day 79

I don't do new year resolutions like trying to lose weight or giving up chocolate because I have no willpower - I never take them seriously and I never last beyond the first frustrating day at work.

However, having said that, I always like to try to make a new year mean something, even if not for me!

Last year was a particularly hard act to follow as thanks to my amazing friends and family I raised £600 for cancer research by giving up wine for three months, and so I gave lots of thought about what I could do to follow that up this year (and giving up wine wasn't an option)!

Eventually, once I got my arse in gear and made my choice, it was actually a very easy decision to make.

I decided to sponsor a child in the third world, and particularly I wanted to sponsor a little girl because in so many of these countries, women and girls are subjected to subjugation and abuse for all sorts of spurious political, cultural or religious reasons, all of which are completely indefensible as far as I'm concerned.

I decided I wanted to play a small part in giving one little girl a taste of the opportunities that I've been lucky enough to have, and, today I heard from the charity I set up the sponsorship with and I finally met my little girl!

Her name is Brendi, she's seven years old and she lives in Honduras, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know her, and having even the smallest positive impact on her life.

This is Brendi.

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