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Grumpy Old Woman - The Perils (and otherwise) of Old Git-hood

Well, the menopause has kicked in with a vengeance, and is doing it's evil work with gay abandon; I think I've seen more of my Doctor than my husband over the last two months!

My Doctor blithely informed me that it wasn't actually the menopause, but the 'peri'-menopause, that is to say, just the dress rehearsal.  So that's just all kinds of awesome - I'm going through all this unmitigated crap and the main event hasn't even started yet!!!!

So, the dear lady has got me dosing up on iron tablets because a white face and dark rings round your eyes is so not a good look unless you're planning to sit in a chinese forest and eat bamboo until you die, but I suppose at least I might be a good addition to the boys' hunts - I could probably take out a ghost just by looking at it right now.

But it's not all bad.  My doc decided that as my body seems to be making its own rules and not sending me the memo right now, it might be an idea for me to have a bit of an overhaul, and so that was my task this morning, and a thoroughly fascinating discovery was made.

My cholesterol level is 4.1 which is apparently very, very good and comfortably within the healthy range.

Well, bugger me sideways!!!

Never mind the health benefits, I nearly bloody keeled over from the shock of finding out that the cheese-loving, wine-loving, chocolate-obsessed Dizzo has the cholesterol level of a Tibetan monk!

How could I not be in a good mood for the rest of the day?

And here's something else to engender a good mood; just a reminder that being a woman does occasionally have its benefits ...

At least I can drool over these cuties:


541817_444126035640837_1460019470_n (2)

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