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100 Days of Happiness - Day 72

I was having a little trawl around Facebook at lunchtime and I happened across one of those memey things that turns up there all too often.  It was called '27 Moments that will change how you see Humanity', (yeah, catchy, I know).

I have to concede there were some truly uplifting pictures and tales in it, but the one that really captured my imagination and made me hoot like a performing seal was No. 10; the guy who found a little caterpillar outside and feeling sorry for it, he not only rescued it from the cold and brought it inside, he threw it a party!

I'm sobbing with laughter here ...  it's the HAT!


*composes self*

here's the link if you wanted to see the full meme.


*collapses into a snot-ridden giggling heap again*
Tags: happy dizzo, meme-y stuff, not supernatural, silliness

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