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Dear Summergen Author

Well, this is my first Summergen, and I'm really excited to see what you can come up with for me, I have no doubt I will love whatever you produce - even after all these years, I never fail to be thrilled when someone writes a story for me. I hope you found something to prod your muse among my prompts but just to help you along, in the manner of many of my lovely cohorts, here's a quick idea of what I like best.

If you've ventured anywhere near my journal, you will see I'm a Dean girl through and through.  This doesn't mean that I don't love Sam, because I do; but I enjoy stories the most when they're Dean-centric.  I love hurt!Dean and caring!Sam, and I love humour; if you can make me laugh, you will have my undying gratitude.  Of course, I laugh the hardest when Dean is the butt of the joke!

I like most characters from our show but, aside from the brothers of course, my softest spots are reserved for Bobby, Castiel, Crowley, Benny, Death, Trickster and Kevin.

The only character I'm really not particularly fond of is John.  I don't hate him, but I find it very hard to like him and so would prefer if he doesn't feature in the story.

I like my boys all grown up and handsome, so although I have no aversion to Wee!Chesters or Teen!Chesters, I much prefer canon-age boys that I can drool over without guilt.

I'm happy with any POV, and I'm a sucker for happy endings.  Having said that,  I'm not averse to a little dollop of angst along the way!

So, I hope that gives your muse a little fodder to chew on, and I just can't wait to read whatever little gem you come up with.

Thank you :)
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