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Okay, here we go ..

Right, I am going for it.  I am going to try a 'cut'.
This may not sound like a big adventure, but when you are a complete computer dunce like me, trust me, this could go anywhere!

I'm working on some wonderful idiot-proof instructions, so here goes ... with a little piece of fic called simply, 'shoulder' ... but whose shoulder?

Rating K+
Genre H/C Humour
Words 100 approx
Disclaimer: I own nothing, it's tragic really …

Dean + injury + pain = Sammy being an awesome little brother



"Dean …"




"Dean, I haven't touched you yet."

"Well, friggin' get on with it!"

"I will, if you'd just keep still."


"Oh, for Heaven's sake!"


"Dude, I've got a dislocated shoulder here …"

"Yes, I know - you won't let me near it."

*deep breaths* "Right, get on with it …"


"Yeah, sure."


*jaw clench…* "Ready!"


"Damnit - will you keep still!"

"tryin' Sammy …"

"well, try harder."

"Sammy, it hurts …"





"T-thanks du …"


"Don't mention it, bro'!"




Tags: dean winchester, dislocation, hurt comfort, sam winchester, scared!dean, shoulder, supernatural

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