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Ramblings from the Asylum

Well, it was a fine weekend.

1,800 rabid Supernatural fans in one confined area; Sam girls, Dean girls and Destiel shippers, uncorralled and unchecked ... nations have gone to war over less.

But, with a great line-up of guests and the promise of meeting those kindred spirits that I only see at these events, I set off along with my partner-in-Supernatural, edina_clouds128 and on arrival we met up with fellow miscreants amber1960 and sasha_dragon.

Straight away we were greeted by something beautiful, black and shiny.  Yes, Baby (or her lookalike) was there to meet us, and we all managed to wangle our way into her drivers seat.  To this I have only one thing to say; either Baby on the show is custom made, or those boys have got 5 foot 4 inch body doubles because there was no bloody leg room!  I'm five foot seven and I've still got dents in my knees from wedging them under the steering wheel - those boys would look like pretzels if they tried to get in that car!  They'd never walk again if they tried to spend any time in it!

But hey-ho.  The hall was thrumming with excited energy on Saturday morning at the opening ceremony.  We were introduced to the guests - cue much screaming, clapping and the birth of a new Crow-ley-Crow-ley chant.  Familiar faces and new ones were welcomed loudly and warmly, reactions varied from confident, arm-waving, crowd-baiting showmanship  to vaguely terrified 'rabbit in headlights'.

And thus began a weekend of that most entertaining of convention activities; 'trying-to-be-in-three-places-at-once'.

In the few panels I did manage to catch, everyone was great; they were fun, appreciative and honest.  There were lots of really mean teasers about the big finale flying around, many stories about the relentless persecution inflicted on Misha by those two naughty J's, some great questions, (and some stupid ones that made me cringe), and a couple of singalongs led by Seb Roche - who as usual was like a Merino ram on Viagra throughout his migraine-inducing panel.

Osric was cosplaying some character I've never heard of from a radio podcast I never knew existed, but he looked adorable all the same and I still wanted to put him in my handbag and take him home, Ty spoke from the heart as he  does always and then told us off for saying 'aaaaaaah',  and Jared was everything I've ever heard him to be - fun and charming - and bloody tall.  By the way, did I mention he hi-fived me?

By the end of a weekend of frantic dashing around and fighting through crowds in a cloyingly hot hotel, hugging up to gorgeous men like Jared, Misha and Ty (trust me, I ain't complaining), trying to make ten seconds of meaningful conversation at autograph sessions, occasionally attempting to grab a glug of lukewarm water - because keeling over with dehydration in your Mark Sheppard photo session would just really, REALLY suck - and catching a breather in the main hall to watch the panels when you were able to; I, and 1,799 like me were wilting, overheated, knackered shadows of those energetic, excited minxes that filled the hall on the Saturday morning when we all finally sat down for the closing ceremony.

And guess what?

I plan to do it all again in October at Asylum 13 :D

Mark S
The King of Hell is not quite so scary close up!
Misha, what can I say????
AJ was a honey, and even Travis dropped by for a photo via Facetime!
Look at that Face!  Gabriel may have played a gifted child, but he sure was gifted at making me laugh!
Tyler remembered me from A11 and I just melted :)
Sebastian Roche - he might be a nut but he gives great hugs!
Ty, a fabulous man - he's a convention superstar :)
Osric - squee!  I refer you to my previous comment about putting him in my handbag and taking him home ...

It only took four years but it was worth it!
Lovely Adam was a bewildered newbie, but he didn't seem too traumatised at the end of everything.
Mark P
A hug with Lucifer - what's not to like :)

Thanks to those lovely ladies I mentioned above and many more besides for making a fab weekend even fabber!
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