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100 Days of Happiness - Day 59 - HUBBA HUBBA!!!!

As of now I am a lady of leisure,

 photo tumblr_lsc1sof9Lq1qdrlke_zpsc8d0e8e9.gif

Work is finished for two beautiful weeks,

 photo tumblr_inline_mmpry732HQ1qz4rgp_zps6c50d853.gif

And my convention adventure starts ...

 photo tumblr_m0875zqFTg1qh2wns_zpsf8aeb68f.gif


 photo tumblr_m1d6q33HWP1r3dkri_zpsf6ca9ae4.gif

by the way, I snagged these fab gifs from cynessie.tumblr.com!
Tags: happy dizzo, meme-y stuff

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