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100 Days of Happiness - Day 57

He's been with us since 1998, the sole survivor of the stock that came with our aquarium when we bought it for Mr Dizzo's 30th birthday.

He's never really had a name as such, he's variously been known as Fishy, Gonky, Spud, Matey, Chummy and Wiggle, and a combination of all or any of these at various times.

He's currently living alone as his last friend went to fishy heaven about two months ago and we've been debating what to do with the aquarium; do we keep it as is and restock it with some friends for little Fishy? Do we wait for little Fishy to follow his friend to fishy heaven and then restock the tank with a different type of fish, eg tropical?  Or do we wait, again, for little Fishy to make the trip to fishy heaven and then do something really off the wall with the tank, like get some little reptiles?

But whatever happens, little Fishy/Gonky/Spud/Matey/Chummy/Wiggle is always there at the end of the landing to greet me in the mornings waiting patiently for his pinch of fish flakes, and he's nice to have around.  I'll miss him when he's gone!

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