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A little bit of Fluff for Mothers' Day

Okay, so although it wasn't Mothers' Day here in the UK (we celebrated back at the end of March), it seemed to be everywhere else on the planet, so in honour of that auspicious occasion, here's a little fluffy drabble ...

Genre: family/fluff
Rating: K
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for 5.13 – The song Remains the Same
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them ...


Sam loved his new guitar; he loved to relax, winding down the evening and immersing himself in its resonant tones.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm wasn't shared; a fact made obvious when Dean's drowsy voice drifted across the bunker.

"Hey Hendrix; I'm trying to friggin' sleep."

Sam sighed, ready to put his quitar away, but something made him pause and his fingers curled around the gleaming frets again.

Beginning to strum, he sung along quietly; "Hey Jude," even though he was sure his voice couldn't compare to their Mom's; "don't make it bad …".

He heard nothing but contented snores from Dean's room until morning.



A/N In 5.13 we learn that Mary used to sing Dean to sleep with Hey Jude instead of a lullaby.

Tags: dean winchester, drabbles, sam winchester

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