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Asking a favour of my lovely F-list!

As I may have mentioned once, or twice, or thirty nine times at the last count, I've finished my spn_bigpretzel Fic Exchange story with a few days to spare.

I'm now at that 'won't stop fiddling with it' stage, and so I think that is nature's way of telling me that I could benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes look it over.

I don't usually use Beta readers but this fic, at a spit under 6,000 words, is the biggest thing I have ever written in one chunk, and so I'd love a second opinion just to wheedle out any typos, grammatical goolies or plot holes.  Posting begins on the 2nd May, so you'll have a few days to play.

If any of you brave souls would like to apply for the job, this ...

Those shoulders should have their own zip code!

Tags: fan fiction, happy dizzo

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