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A Call to Arms ... UK Fans need our help!

I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with my lovely friends.


As many of you may know, here in the UK, Sky Living have axed Supernatural, leaving UK fans unable to legally watch our show without waiting over a year for the DVD's to be released.


So I have decided to follow in the footsteps of these lovely ladies and send my own plea to UKTV, on the basis that if they get swamped with requests, they might get an idea of the strength of feeling (and more importantly, the size of the influx of viewing figures).

This is what I sent:

Hi there,

You may be aware that Sky Living has dropped ‘Supernatural’.

This show has a large and very loyal fanbase in the UK, and we have all been left high and dry by the fact that there is now no way to watch this very popular, long-running show in the UK without waiting over a year for the DVDs to be released.

I am writing to enquire whether there is any likelihood that you are thinking of purchasing the rights to ‘Supernatural’ from the CW.  Any network that does air this show will never be short of viewers.

Thank you for your time on reading my enquiry, I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks.

UK Supernatural fan!

If you wanted to add your voice to our crusade, you can contact UKTV here.  Let's keep it nice, make them think we're the sort of people they'd like to have around.  Either that or make them so desperate, they'll buy Supernatural just to get us to shut the hell up!!!
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