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Earth calling Fandom ...

We call ourselves the Supernatural Family, and in many positive ways that is so appropriate; just like a family we support, respect and defend each other - there's a lot of love in this Family.  Unfortunately, however, family can occasionally exasperate and disappoint you, and in that negative respect, this 'Family' is no different there, too.

I am simply astounded - and not in a good way - at the Sam hate that's been doing the rounds recently.  It seems to be a side effect of the goings-on in season 9, and also seems to have been amplified by Jensen's recent podcast, but I'm at a loss to understand why!  Jensen referred to Sam as 'a selfish asshole'; and even though the tone of his voice and the reaction of the DJ's made it clear that it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, there has also been a certain level of Dean/Jensen hate stirred up, presumably by him making the comment in the first place.

Jensen must be mortified that he's somehow brought this level of vitriol down on his best friend's head, especially when some of the Sam hate is spilling over into Jared hate. Why do certain portions of our fandom feel the need to do this to the very people they purport to love?  I really don't get it.

The fact is that both of the Winchester boys can be selfish in certain scenarios.  Sam has always had a sense of superiority and  righteousness about him.  Dean has always been impetuous, reckless and infuriatingly stubborn.  They are both deeply flawed characters and that's why we love them; because they are imperfect, intensely layered characters that we can all relate to and sympathise with.

I may be a Dean girl, but I love both our boys.  I may want to smack their heads together and knock some sense into them sometimes, but it doesn't stop me from loving them.  And this sort of character hate makes me sad.  When it bleeds over into actor hate it makes me angry.  That's totally and wholly indefensible, and this fandom should be ashamed that it's going on within our ranks.

I keep telling myself to avoid Tumblr, because that's where most of this hate and unpleasantness seems to be lurking, but I can't - there's just too much pretty to be had over there inamongst all the weirdness; it's like trainwreck TV; you know you shouldn't look ... but you just can't help it!


Right, rant over - time for tea.

See, Dean's displeased.  Told you so.
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