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100 days of happiness - Day 1

I snagged this fromamber1960 because it looks like a fun, sweet little meme!

It works thus:  For 100 days you take a photo every day of something, anything at all, that makes you happy!

So here goes ...

This is one of my four art boxes.  Between the four of them, they contain my lifetime collection of graphite pencils, pastel pencils, acrylics, brushes, charcoal, coloured pencils and lots of peripherals like erasers, sharpeners, paint thinners, pastel fixatives and  blending sticks (which are basically cotton buds until they go into these boxes).

IMG_0498 (2)

Creativity is at the heart of who I am.  Take away my ability to draw and write and dream, and you take away 'me'.

This box and the others like it may not be pretty, and the stuff in them may not be new and shiny - I know for a fact that some of it is thirty years old or more, but it represents a lifetime of happy, devoted creativity.

I love my art boxes :)
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