Jensen Shameless Objectification Spams - Masterpost

I've been having a little trawl back through my journal and noticed that I seem to have quite a collection of Jensen picspams behind me now.  As you may be aware, over recent months, I've been celebrating our lovely boy's various bodily particles in one form or another, and so I've decided it was time to bring them all together into this masterpost.

It will, of course, be regularly added to, and hopefully, I'll eventually be able to bring you a whole Jensen via this post (I should be so lucky).

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the prettiness and enjoy the bits I've gathered together, remember to mop up your drool - we don't want any accidents - and don't leave teethmarks!

have fun ...

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Master Story List

In the interests of being better organised, here is the link to my page where every fanfic I have ever written is listed in chronological order.

Most of these fics have appeared over here at one time or another, but it's hard to keep track of them, so I'm very happy to sit back and let do the work for me :)


The Friday Five

1. Growing up, what sayings/phrases do you remember your mother using? Your father?
I grew up in a London family, so I remember my parents, my Dad in particular, using London rhyming slang as an organic part of their speech.  Phrases that were a normal part of my life (and still are) include:

  • ‘I don’t Adam and Eve it’ (I don’t believe it)

  • ‘Stick that in your sky’ (stick that in your pocket (sky rocket)) usually in the context of giving me some money

  • ‘That’s a right two and eight’ (that’s a right state)

  • ‘I’m tired; been on my plates all day’ (plates of meat – feet)

And lots of others that I can’t remember right now!

2. What book/song/other did your parents use to put you to sleep? I honestly can’t remember, but I remember that Enid Blyton books were a big part of my early life, so I would imagine they were the sort of things that my parents read to me.

3. What did you fight with your siblings over? I’m an only child, so don’t have any siblings.

4. Do you and your siblings still fight? See my answer to no. 3

5. What was the worst fight you had with any family member? Not one particular fight, but I had a cousin, Marie, who is three years older than me and as children we just clashed.  We just didn’t get along at all.  Put us in the same room and you could guarantee within ten minutes there would be tears.  The stupid thing is that now we’re adults and have been for many years, we get along brilliantly, and she’s probably the cousin I feel the closest bond with!

Happy Post: A first time for everything!

It's been a funny old morning.

After swearing, after my 5k in 2019, that I would never run again, I was talked into doing my very first (and probably only) 10k. It was in a place called Bournemouth which is on the south coast, so the event had a lovely view of the sea all the way along.

I'm not going to say this was a run, because I just don't run. I've made my peace with the fact that I'm no good at running and because I dislike it so intensely, I have no inclination to do more of it in an attempt to improve!! This was very much an on and off light jog/power walk, and a group of us from my workplace did it in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. I ran with a lovely lady called Vicki who has a similar level of fitness to me, and we crossed the finish line together hand in hand!

I finished toward the back of the field in 1 hour 36 minutes, but I finished!

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Legs have really stiffened up now.  Just waiting to put the buns to bed, then hot bath and glass of wine awaits!