Jensen Shameless Objectification Spams - Masterpost

I've been having a little trawl back through my journal and noticed that I seem to have quite a collection of Jensen picspams behind me now.  As you may be aware, over recent months, I've been celebrating our lovely boy's various bodily particles in one form or another, and so I've decided it was time to bring them all together into this masterpost.

It will, of course, be regularly added to, and hopefully, I'll eventually be able to bring you a whole Jensen via this post (I should be so lucky).

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the prettiness and enjoy the bits I've gathered together, remember to mop up your drool - we don't want any accidents - and don't leave teethmarks!

have fun ...

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Master Story List

In the interests of being better organised, here is the link to my page where every fanfic I have ever written is listed in chronological order.

Most of these fics have appeared over here at one time or another, but it's hard to keep track of them, so I'm very happy to sit back and let do the work for me :)


The Friday Five

  1. What's your favorite color this week?  My favourite colour every week is turquoise

  2. What job would be very unsuitable for you? I'm going to run with accountant.  I wold die of boredom. (Apologies to anyone who i an accountant!)

  3. What's your favorite Olympic sport? I love the equestrian sports and the gymnastics

  4. Have you ever found yourself stuck out in the rain? Are you kidding?  I live in Britain... I spend half my life in rain!

  5. What does the tooth fairy do with our teeth? I reckon she sells them on on the fairy black market for a huge profit.  How else does she afford to travel around every household in the world?


Happy Bunny Mama!

So happy to see this today.
Rabbits never relax out in the open. They always tuck themselves away somewhere dark and well hidden before they let their guard down. To flop down and relax right out in the middle of the room means he feels absolutely safe and secure in his environment.
No better feeling as a rabbit owner 🐰🐰😍😍